January 2018: Vicki Winterton, Live Life Organized

JANUARY 11th, 2018 at LaJolla Groves Restaurant

Conducting: Michelle Craig

Opening Prayer: Colleen Brown

Birthdays: Nan Black, Mary Ann Watanabe, Leslie Craig and Tammy Johnson

On Time Gift Winner: Colleen Brown

Business: Next Month’s Meeting is with our husbands. It will be on Tuesday February 13th at Riverside Country Club. Time is 6:30 p.m.

Vicki Winterton is a professional organizer and small-business efficiency coach. She has been a professional organizer for over 12 years. She remembers once being told do what you love. Well she loves to organize. She is the owner of Provo located Organizing Mind over Matter, which offers professional organizing, services to Utah’s homemakers. Vicki is passionate about helping her client’s tame cluttered spaces and papers! Over the past 8 years she has helped hundreds of clients take on a room filled with nothing but chaos and bring about order and peace. She is so sure she can make a lasting difference in her clients’ lives that she guarantees her work.

Her expertise includes a guest expert on TV’s KSL morning news and Studio 5 TV. A guest expert for the Salt Lake Tribune’s Space magazine. Special features writer for the Daily Herald Newspaper. Savvy Shopper Website’s Organizing Expert.

Notes on Vicki’s presentation: She has organized everywhere; from a large spacious home to a motor home and no matter where she love it. She asked everyone to think about what their Superpower is. Everyone has a talent. And almost everyone can be organized with the right information and/or help.

In the USA for the last 3 years the #2 New Year’s goal has been…to get organized. 90% of people want or need to get organized. Of those 1% are Hoarders, 60% are perfectionist, 30% have adult ADHD. As she helps them get organized she helps them in different ways. She said that she is a “recovering perfectionist” 5% percent of the people she helps work from home.

The ways that DISORGANIZATION affects you is in your money (wasted money buying things you already have but can’t find), time (wasted looking for things), and added stress (because of the clutter, time and money loss).

The benefits of being ORGANIZED: Peace, money saved, more time (40% saving of time).

Order makes us Happy. 90% of organizational skills are learned.

Vicki has a formula to help us get organized. A form is on her website which is list at the bottom of the notes. Here are the steps.

First to start decide which two specific areas of your home need to be better organized. Choose one small space like a drawer or shelf. Then choose a full room. She says that today’s goal is progression, NOT perfection.

Next ACT. A=Assess what needs to be done. C=Create a plan. T=Tackle the job using Vicki’s SPARK formula.

The SPARK formula is: Note sometimes the S and the P can be switched

S=Sort: Sort into categories.

P=Purge: We live with excess. One definition of clutter is a thing without a home or a postponed decision. Ask 3 questions about the item. 1. Do I need or use this item often? If yes then keep. If no or not sure go to question 2 and 3.   2. Is this something that I love or value? 3. Is this something I need? Example food storage; you may not use it often or love it but you do need it.

Have 3 bags: 1. Put away. 2. Throw away. 3. Give away.

“Holding onto something you paid good money for doesn’t make it cheaper it just make it clutter.”

A=Assign a good home. “Valuable Property” for housing stuff is between your hip and your head. That’s where things used often should be stored. Your pantry or storage bins etc. needs to reflect your personality.

R=Round up Containers. Organizing with same type or look of containers adds order. “Uniformity brings the look of luxury” For people she has helped with ADHD she uses visual color and clear bins because the are usually creative and visual people

Question was asked: Where do you get your favorite containers. She like container store but you can many times get the same container on line for a better price.

K=Keep it up. Label containers immediately. Sometimes labeling the shelf it is on helps too.

Vicki’s #1 tip is “Clear as you live!” it usually only take 5-15 to clean up a room, clean up from cooking etc. if you keep up on it and do it every day. “It’s way easier to keep up than to catch up!” “Family buy-in because order is contagious.”

On her website she has a system for paper called “No more paper pile”

When you decide to begin give yourself the time. But remember “Generally it takes twice as long to organize a place than you think it will” So make the extra time. Then if you are done early you’ve got extra time to do something else.

Generally 10% of people are born to organize. It just comes naturally. 40% of people If they have the details on how to organized they can do it. Another 40% can do it if they have a friend or professional help. Last 10%…Have other talents and may never get to be really organized.

She has learned with helping kids be organized, “If the reward or consequence is strong enough they will buy in”

“Today you can decide to live a little better.”

To contact Vickie go to her website shown below. Or call her at 801-623-8411. Or email at Vicki@organizeutah.com


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Vicki also helps people organize their stuff on the computer (pictures, emails etc.)