October 2017: Rhonna Farrer, Live Life with Creativity and Joy

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 Speaker Bio: Rhonna Farrer strives to uplift and inspire others through her graphic art, her award winning mobile device app and social media. She enjoys creating on a daily basis and is inspired by her family and her faith.

Almost 20 years ago, as a young mother, Rhonna began a creative journey that would result in many learning experiences and eventually open up opportunities that she should have never thought possible. Initially, her freelance work allowed her to connect to companies that manufactured greeting cards, gift bags, stationary, and other paper products.

Later in 2003 she began designing her own lines of scrapbook products. And during this time, she had the opportunity to author and contribute to many idea books, and to work as a creative team member with different companies and magazines. She also taught creative classes online and in person, all over the world.

More recently, Rhonna’s digital art has been used to create a wonderful mobile device app call “Rhonna Magic & Rhonna Collage”. All 3 apps work together to ad design, text, filters, frames, flourishes and collage to your photos or images.

Although Rhonna loves uplifting and inspiring others through her art and design, her heart truly belongs to her family and serving in the Church. She had the opportunity to serve a mission in Japan and tech at the MTC. Through these experiences, she learned that she loved to teach and testify of the Savior. She has enjoyed serving in different callings where she gets to lead, share hope, and witness of Christ.

She loves teaching young women, of all ages (wink), how to use social media for good and how to share their own goodness. She strives to empower them with ideas and inspiration that will “flood the earth with goodness”. She has also enjoyed teaching about family history and had the privilege of teaching at Rootstech and attending the conference as a part of their Media Team. She is currently serving as a family history social media missionary for the church.

Throughout this journey, Rhonna’s husband and three children have been the light of her life. She loves it when they are all together, making memories and sharing their own journeys through life.

Her hope is that she might share something today that will help you find greater joy and beauty and you get involved in flooding the earth with goodness and being a Light keeper.


Think of your life and your story. Build, Connect, and Keep. Everybody want to know who they are made of. You can tell your story with way you live, write, and create.

“It only takes 3 generations to lose a piece of oral family history. It must be purposefully & accurately repeated over and over gain through the generation to be preserved.” Aaron Holt

Establish stories: “A life NOT documented is a life that within a generation or two will largely be lost to memory..And yet knowledge of our ancestors shapes us & instills us with values that give DIRECTION & MEANING to our lives.” Dennis B. Neuschwander

Be a Bridge Builder: How can Stories be Bridge Builders. We research our families, finding pictures, stories and build a bridge from us (present) to them (past) and for our posterity (future). We Journal , Relate and Record. Journal & Document. Stories can shape & instill values in our lives.  Ask yourself, HABITS: What are some similarities with ancestors. HOBBIES: How can you relate. HOME: What connection can you make.    Take pictures of your everyday surroundings. They may seem simple to you but in years to come they will be interesting to your family.

Note: Sometimes there are family stories that are sensitive or hard. Times heals the uncomfortable, hard, painful moments and helps others understand who we or they are/were.

Relate Using Technology.  Ideas: Share photos on media.  Use #52 Stories Project on Family Search. Org. Use Family Search App (you can record, write, and put up photos), Mobile Apps.

Heart Connection: Knowing our ancestors stories will give direction and meaning to our lives. How do we make connections of the heart? By telling our stories, this connects our hearts.

Fun ways to Share your stories: Do colleges when you go on vacations and trips.  Write your stories. Bring them to life through food (making family recipes etc), games, pictures, even decor, traditions.  The important thing is to do what works for you.

Be the Light Keepers: Celebrate the power of your stories by sharing truth and light. How can you be the light keeper? Be Mindful of special events, dates, happenings, holiday traditions, anniversaries. Be Faithful, Be cheerful.

Your Stories Matter: Family stories can inspire, help and encourage us. If you ever think your story doesn’t matter….think again it does.  It may seem simple to you but it is a treasure to your posterity.

“Stories infuse our life with meaning. We are here to learn from our experiences…For the experience to be meaningful to you, it needs to be verbalized or written…Until you speak or write about it, it doesn’t have power in your life.” Craig Zwick

Coming up on March 1, 2018 is Rootstech Conference in SLC. There will be a new session. It will be just for women and will be limited to 250 women.  The theme is Light Keepers.  It will not be advertised but will be word of mouth. They will be a lunch and a special workbook. To sign up go to this link:  www.rootstech.org/lightkeepers

Idea offered by Tammy Johnson: Assign family to come to Thanksgiving with a family story. Share those stories around the table. Record them.

To get in touch with Rhonna go to:  @rhonnafarrer, rhonnadesigns.com, info@rhonnadesigns.com