November 2017: Bill Hulterstrom, Live Life With Charity

Business: Our February Meeting will now be on the Tuesday February13th, Chad and Michelle Lewis will be our speakers.

On Time Gift Winner: Catherine Sagers

Birthdays; Kathleen Covey

Lunch: Salad, Soup and Grill Cheese

Speaker: Bill Hulterstrom, Live Life with Charity

Worked at The Unity Way 32 years

Statics show that if by 3rd grade children cannot read at a3rd level they are more likely to live in poverty. Helping children learn to read and love it is one solution to poverty.

As we volunteer this year it’s important to focus on giving gifts that build. Gifts that help them build their talents and not make them feel poor. Give to help them feel stronger. Let them also share their gifts and talent back. Everyone wants to share back. This allow them to feel stronger not weaker. Let’s think more deeply about our service. When giving find out what they really need not what we want to give them. It is service with wisdom and patience.

He talked about doing “line” service. In other words. If there is a line to do a certain kind of service then do the “short line” service. Short line is usually aren’t the most popular things to do, but need to be done.

Find projects that align with your belief, a project that will help more people, longer.

Many places, for instance, would rather have one really quality good book than a lot of cheap junk books. Don’t hesitate to engage as neighbors to help with real needs. Volunterizm can happen in many different ways.

Anxiety and Depression among the young is another issue that the United Way will be undertaking. Put a committee together to discuss this issue

“Good Behavior is only possible when the children’ foundational needs are met.

How do we change behavior of those we help. How do we help parents in all the areas of the emotional health. Strength in these behavior areas are things that all of us need.

How often does it say in the scriptures “Fear not”. Everyone needs to feel safe about who they are . It’s the feeling of competence not necessarily being confedent. This of course doesn’t solve all the problems but it can help people have skills and ideas to help. “The reality is that therapy for children in most cases is about improving a parents’s ability to be a “therapist” by learning more effective strategies” Matt Swenson

The idea that we can do something about this issue is exciting. We want to figure out how to support children in all these areas. Teaching real life skills, not falsely boosting their “self esteem”.